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Search Engine Optimization aka SEO

Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be at the core of a businesses overall online internet marketing strategy. Increasingly customers are using internet to find companies offering products / services they seek. As Surrey SEO experts our goal is to make your business appear at the top of organic search results for key terms and phrases your potential customers are searching for using their computers, and cell phones. These leads generated are free. These customers are highly targeted and are actively searching for products and services.  The probability of a sale to such customers increases exponentially. Surrey SEO Experts offer high quality search engine optimization services to small, and medium companies in Metro Vancouver, Canada, and overseas. Surrey Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts are located in Surrey – Delta area. By engaging good search engine optimization techniques and processes, our seo consultants will make your website appear in google search engines with a higher page ranking.

Surrey Search Engine Optimization Experts

At Surrey Seo Experts, as our name reflects, we are experts in website optimization, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, keyword research, building websites, filling relevant web contents, and setting up web pages. These are the key components of a SEO strategy which will result in more leads to your business.

Our consultants will implement various SEO activities to make your website relevant to search engines. This will also result in providing useful, and meaningful information to your website visitors.

Find Keywords that Work for your Business

  • Targeting the right and relevant keywords on your site is essential for successful SEO. Our online sales and marketing specialists will:
  • Identify keywords your customers use to find your products and services
  • Analyze keyword rankings for your business as well as analyze your competitors’ keywords
  • Incorporate targeted, and relevant keywords into your site content to increase traffic through organic search

On-Page Search Engine Optimization Activities

On page SEO involves analyzing your website, and optimizing it to make it search engines friendly. The resulting traffic and leads generated will have higher probability of converting into realized sales. Our on-page / on-site SEO services include –

  • Inputting best keyword density
  • Improve content with keywords
  • Place updated html and xml sitemaps
  • Coding correctly title tags, meta tags, anchor text, image tags
  • Simplify / optimize URLs with user friendly and search engine friendly names
  • Coding all relevant heading tags, body tags, H1 headlines, and other tags
  • Analyzing and recommending web designs that are both human as well as  search engine-friendly

Off-Page SEO Activities

Off-page SEO consists of building relevant backlinks (to your site), and leveraging the site through your social media sites. Our SEO consultant will perform activities to bring to your site more organic traffic. Such as –

  • Code / Develop custom landing pages
  • Provide recommendations for setup and maintenance of blogs and social media sites
  • Submit your site to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing

If you want free-targeted traffic coming to your site contact Surrey SEO Experts. We will determine how best our marketing specialists can help your business with SEO.

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