On-Page Optimization

  • Identify keywords

On page SEO involves analyzing your website, and optimizing it to make it search engines friendly. The resulting traffic and leads generated will have higher probability of converting into realized sales. Before we move to services offered by our consultants, please take time to read the importance of keywords.

Keywords are phrases, words, sentences, ideas and topics that your potential customers enter into search engines and search sites, also called “search queries.” As a business website owner, you want the keywords on your web page to be targeted and relevant to what your customers are searching for. Search engines have a better chance of finding your content and presenting them asg the search results to your customers.

Importance of keywords
Keywords are important because they serve as link between what customers are searching for on internet and the product / service content you are providing to fill that need. Your business goal is to get a better ranking on search engines which in turn will drive organic traffic to your website from the search engine result pages. Keywords you choose to target determines the kind of customer traffic you get.

Keywords planning
Keywords are as much about your target audiences and customers as they are about your website contents. Your business website might describe what you offer in a slightly different manner than your customers ask / search for it on internet. To create relevant content that ranks well organically and drives customer traffic to your website, you need to understand the needs of those customers. i.e. The language, the words, the phrases they use and type to search for content should be aligned with your website information content.

Surrey SEO Experts Solution
Our online sales and marketing specialists will:

  • Identify keywords your customers use to find your products and services
  • Analyze keyword rankings for your business
  • Plan for keywords based on target market, geographic region, competition for those keywords, and expected traffic
  • Incorporate targeted, and relevant keywords into your site content to increase traffic through organic search
  • Inputting best keyword density
  • Place updated html and xml sitemaps
  • Coding correctly title tags, meta tags, anchor text, image tags
  • Simplify / optimize URLs with user friendly and search engine friendly names
  • Coding all relevant heading tags, body tags, H1 headlines, and other tags
  • Analyzing and recommending web designs that are both human as well as search engine-friendly

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